Dita Charanzová


My name is Dita Charanzova and since 2014 I am the Member of European Parliament, where I was elected as a candidate of the Czech political movement ANO. I was born in Prague, I graduated from University of Economies in Prague and Diplomatic School of Spain in Madrid. In 2001 I finished my PhD. degree at the Faculty of International Affairs of University of Economies in Prague. In the past, I worked mostly in diplomacy and gave birth to our two daughters. I enjoy my job and I love my family. Welcome to my website!

Private life

With my partner we have two daughters – Sophia and Mia. In child-free times year ago, we used to backpack and explore all the beauties of different exotic countries. Today, we have obviously changed our travelling plans. The truth is that most of my travelled kilometres nowadays happen on roads between Prague – Strasbourg – Brussels. I have my favourite gas stations on the way where the staff greet me as an old acquaintance. I like challenges in my life, I tried paragliding, scuba diving and parachuting, but most of adrenalin I get now mainly when passing time with my little girls. I like to cook, I am proud of my tiramisu, lemon cake ang thai mussels. I am gradually becoming a champion in preparing pancakes on time – my girls love to eat them without limits.

Professional life

I was elected to the European Parliament in 2014 as a candidate of the Czech political movement ANO. I am Member of the ALDE Group, the Vice-Chair of the IMCO Committee and a substitute of the INTA Committee. I also work as a Member of several EP delegations working on relations between EU and countries of Latin and Central America. Previously, I worked as a Czech diplomat, a manager and consultant. Most of my career has been related to the EU affairs. I spent eight years in Czech diplomatical service, four of them as a head of unit at the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the EU. I worked as a manager of the TV studio for the Council of Europe. Since 2015 I have been elected a Member of the Aspen Institute board of directors.

What do I stand for?

What is my idea of the ideal EU? Safe and prospering Union with no bureaucratic borders which could slow down further development, a Union which supports education and innovations, EU which values democratic principles and promote them in the rest of the world. I am personally in charge of three key issues: consumers protection, digital economy and international trade. I explore possibilities for faster development of on-line sector from the consumers point of view, but also from businesses perspective and also as a citizen who wants to communicate online with the State administration. I am in favour of the liberal approach to new technologies, I believe they are the future of our economy and that we need to create the best conditions possible for their further development. I am deeply interested in negotiations of new trade partnerships for Czech and European companies. But it is not all just about trade, as the MEP, I am also author of series of the EP resolutions addressing cases of breaches of human rights in different countries of the world.

Political awards

In 2016, I was the first Czech politician to have been awarded the MEP Award in Foreign Affairs for my activities in international relations and fighting for democratic principles. That same year, I was named one of the most influential persons in Central and Eastern Europe by the “New Europe 100” project, which annually awards individuals that drive innovation and development in the region. The following year (2017) I was listed among the 41 most influential MEPs and later recognised among the personalities driving progress in the digital field by Politico.


Our main goal is to achieve a functional, stable and prospering society, in which democratic political representatives work for the benefit of all citizens. The only way to reach this goal is to foster an all-inclusive political dialogue that takes into account the interests and needs of all citizens. We do not want to do politics for the sake of politics, and waste time with unnecessary policymaking. We want to bring back rational and pragmatic solutions that are in the public interest. That is why we engage with individuals who are leading experts in their professions and have something to offer our society. We will ensure that the Czech Republic clearly defines its national interests to be a strong and credible partner in the European Union.