Vera Jourová got the green light from all four committees

Candidate for EU Commissioner for the Czech Republic Vera Jourová was today given approval by a selected group of MEPs who met this afternoon to assess her written answers to submitted questions. "Vera Jourová proved at Wednesday's hearing and in her subsequent responses to written questions that she had the capabilities to become a European Commissioner and that was the essential prerequisite. Her position, however, was not easy.

At a certain point it seemed that the decision would be more determined by the political climate than by her factual knowledge. She literally got into the wheels of political dealings in the European Parliament. In my view correct answers might not be enough today, if they were evaluated under an outright unfavourable constellation. I am of course glad that in this respect Vera Jourova fulfilled the saying that luck favours the prepared," says MEP Dita Charanzová.

According to the MEP, negotiations in the committees and political groups could also contribute to Vera Jourova´s improved position. "I have myself experienced this in the evaluation of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection. The discussion was not easy at all and it was not entirely about issues concerning the professional qualities of the evaluated candidate," says Dita Charanzová. The composition of the European Commission as a whole will be voted upon by the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 22 October.